In Nutriyummy you can find the most delicious no-sugar spreads!
Nutriyummy chocolate & Hazelnut Spread is a sweet spread with a wonderful texture which you can eat with bread, toast, pancakes, cookies and other sweets! It has no added sugar, does not contain palm oil and has an amazing chocolate taste worth trying!

Also, NutriYummy Peanut butter is a peanut butter made from 100% peanuts without added sugar, sodium or salt and with a high protein content, a wonderful taste and a soft feeling in your mouth.

Nutriyummy Tahinipro spread Pistachio & Tahini is a sweet tahini & pistachio spread with a wonderful taste and texture,  without palm oil, high in fibers and has a 18% protein content that makes it satiating.

Try them and their taste will amaze you!