Glutamine is an amino acid belonging to the category of non-essential amino acids, meaning that the body can synthesize it on its own; nevertheless, it is a crucial amino acid. Glutamine is present in large quantities in our bodies. An individual who does not engage in sports but maintains a generally healthy diet, consuming foods from all food groups, may not necessarily need glutamine. However, a person who participates in sports, leading a life under high levels of stress and fast-paced rhythms, may benefit from its supplementation.

Research has shown that glutamine enhances the immune system, aiding in disease prevention, particularly in individuals engaging in intensive and excessive physical activities, including endurance sports like long-distance running and marathon running. These athletes usually exhibit low glutamine levels in their bodies.

Glutamine is a vital amino acid for protein metabolism and can promote muscle volume by preventing muscle breakdown. Moreover, it can increase levels of growth hormone, which, in turn, induces fat breakdown in adipose tissue and promotes skeletal muscle growth.

It is an amino acid that is rapidly absorbed and is suitable even for individuals with digestive problems. For optimal results, it is suggested to take it in the morning, as the body undoubtedly needs it after overnight fasting, before and after exercise, and possibly at night before bedtime. You can find glutamine supplements on